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Common English Phrases For Business Communications

It may be a “long shot” to think your own English business communications skills or those within your employees are enough to get you by, but you won’t be able “to cut corners” when it comes to scoring deals. “To learn the ropes”, you have to be willing to “put your best foot forward” and “dive right in” to learn all of the important English business phrases that you should know in order to elevate and expand your business or company.

To make this simpler if you are just a business English beginner, you may think your English and those of your employees are sufficient enough to get you by, however, when it comes to things as serious as business deals or prospects, you can’t think you’ll simply just make your way through. You need to be willing to push yourself into the English business-speaking world and learn the most significant phrases.

Not that the idioms above are the only types of business phrases around, but in English, we have many phrases that we use to minimize a thought or action into a smaller system of words. With the ones we used above we have:

Long shot: an attempt or guess that has only the slightest chance of succeeding or being accurate.

To cut corners: to do something in the easiest, cheapest, or fastest way

To learn the ropes: to learn/know how to do a job or activity

Put your best foot forward: try as hard as you can. Trying and making an effort.

Dive right in: to start doing something with enthusiasm

One of the major issues for non-native English speakers is there is not only a long list of professional lingo and office jargon that we may not understand but also those misunderstandings can lead to miscommunications. For example, asking someone to do something translated into your own language may come off as rude or blunt in English.

These miscommunications can lead to the risk of failure in projects or assignments and your partners or clients not having trust in what you are doing. At the end of the day (another great idiom), our words inspire action, so when our business communication is off, then we deem ourselves ineffective and unable to fully contribute to the expansion of ourselves or the company or business.

So, What Can We Do To Better Our English Business Communications?

If you are an individual who wants to gain more experience and understanding of common English business phrases, you can hire someone to help you with this. For instance, heading online to the Specialized English Academy where you can take online classes in business English. Companies and businesses can also take the online route – with so many people working remotely than before – and have classes weekly for their employees.

No matter if you are still in the startup of your work or dreams or if you are “knee deep” and ready to expand. In a world that celebrates English in business, technology, politics, social media, and pop culture, it’d be wise to do what you can to set yourself, your company, or your business up for success. Don’t wait until the opportunity arises to scramble. Jump on board and learn business English communication phrases today.

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